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Project Barrel

With Project Barrel you will own your private cask of Cognac or Wine personally made for you.

Our producers are masters of their trade and have many years of experience. Accompany them on a part of their way and work together on your individual Project Barrel.

It is simple

Your favorite product is made especially for you. Your name will appear both on the barrel and on the bottle labels.

Of course, if you wish, you can take your barrel with you or start a new Project Barrel.


Your barrel of wine

Your barrel of wine

Cognac - Project Barrel

Your barrel of Cognac

The Project


Buying a barrel directly from the producer does not cost you more than if you bought the bottles in the supermarket. In most cases it will even be cheaper. Contact us for a first price calculation. Contact us for a non-binding price calculation.


Of course, buying a barrel only makes sense after a certain amount. The recommended barrel sizes vary depending on the product and producer. Contact us for information on suggested barrel sizes.


The product always remains with the producer during the maturing process. But you can also visit your barrel. At the end of the maturing period, you will receive personalized bottles made in consultation with the producer.

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